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Our office has been experiencing power outages from Friday 7th February 2020 to the present. This is because there is damage at sub cables outside our premises.

Users using wired and wireless tempguard systems are likely to have problems accessing the portal system, mobile apps and ticketing as well as having trouble uploading temperature data to cloud servers intermittently.

Our office currently has generator support by TNB but does not cover the entire building. This assistance is only temporary until TNB solves this problem.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Data loss found between 2 Am 8th Feb 2020 till 11 Am Feb 2020 (Saturday) 
Data loss found between 8 PM 11th Feb 2020 till 8.30 Am 12 Feb 2020 (Wed)
Data loss found between 12 Am 13th Feb 2020 till 8.20 Am Feb 2020 (Thursday)


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